chapter  7
- Visualization Techniques for Time-Oriented Data
Pages 32

In this chapter we elaborate on visualization techniques for time-oriented

data. We organized and structured this chapter according to our book [5].

Therefore, we first motivate the importance of handling the temporal dimen-

sion explicitly by an example. Second, we define the needed concepts and

aspects of time and time-oriented data. The basic data foundations are cov-

ered already in Chapter 2. Here, we focus particularly on the characteristics

of time. Third, we give an overview of different temporal data visualiza-

tion techniques. Fourth, we briefly explain TimeBench, a data model and

software library for visualization and visual analytics of time-oriented data.

We conclude with an assessment of our categorization according to the vi-

sualization techniques presented, introduce the TimeViz Browser, which is

an interactive repository to support researchers and practitioners in finding

appropriate visualization techniques, followed by related readings, exercises,

and projects.