chapter  6
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In this chapter, the apparatus for ion -exchange chromatography

(IEC) of proteins and such methods as the packing of the column,

the introduction of a sample, and the elution are briefly de-

scribed. A large amount of important information on cellulosic

ion exchangers is found in Peterson (1970). A book by Scopes

(1982) and booklet distributed by a manufacturer of ion-exchange

gels (Pharmacia Fine Chemicals, 1987) contain a useful descrip-

tion of the experimental method. The experimental method and

the apparatus described in the references on high -performance

liquid chromatography (HPLC) (for example, Snyder and Kirk-

land, 1974) are basically the same as those for high-performance

IEC (HPIEC) of proteins. A useful short review for the care

of HPLC columns has been reported by Wehr (1984), in which

troubleshooting for the column is also briefly summarized.