chapter  15
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Listeria monocytogenes Studies Introduction

ListeriosisisimportantinEuropeandNorthAmerica28withareportedof 30% to 40% . Newfindingsincludethenotationthattheorganismmaybecarriedinaproductinwhichitobviously cannotmultiply,namelyalfalfatablets .BElectrophoretictypinghasindicatedstrainidentityin majorepidemicsandassociationoftypeswithcertainfoods .29InBratislava.350strainsofListeria monocytogenes ( i solated in S lovakia) were characterized. I I

Ghosh and MUITayI4 detected a marked difference in cell wal l s of L. l11ol1oc),logenes strains , a difference unrelated to a serological type. Differences in cell wall composition were shown by susceptibility to lysozyme and to lipase. Accordingly, one might conclude that some strains are especially prone to wall deficiency in natural situations .