chapter  30
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Phage Interactions of CWD Forms with Complete Phage

An exception to receptor presence being necessary for reversability concerns an isolate of Propionibacterium acnes studied by Ziert and Wertlake.63 This variant, from fatal subacute bacterial endocarditis . had lost phage receptors in all stages except the reverted classical form.C. ;

Staphylococci of different phage types have varied responses to methicillin in production L-phase colonies . Group III phage type are the most easily converted to L-colonies, as shown by Hamburger and Carleton24 and by Fatma and Abla. 18

A remarkable characteristic of some classical bacteria also occurs in their wall-deficient variants . This i s the release of a large yield of phage without a detectable rupture of the bacterial wall. This occurs with phage x <I> 1 74, a tail-bearing phage with large capsomeres containing single-stranded DNA, as noted by Bradley. I I

The loss of phage receptors in wall-depicted microbes is expected. Conversely, a surprising phe­ nomenon was noticed by Hara and coworkers .25 When a phage-resistant strain of E. coli was induced to spheroplasts with EDTA-Iysozyme or polymyxin E, it acquired exquisite sensitivity to the coliphage T4. This suggests that certain phage receptors may be inaccessible in the classical bacteria.