chapter  5
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Tools of Quality

In any endeavor, there are specific tools utilized to accomplish the defined tasks. Quality implementation is no different. In fact, the process and the tools of implementing quality have become quite generic. Much has been written in both areas (the process and the tools). However, our goal here is not so much to be redundant with other sources but to offer a cursory systematic review of the basic tools and their application. To accomplish this task, a review of each of the basic tools will be given, rather than a detailed discussion. Our focus is to give the basic understanding and approach of each of the tools discussed. The reader is encouraged to see Montgomery (1985), Gitlow et al. (1989), Ishikawa (1982), Grant and Leavenworth (1980), Mizunu (1988), Gulezian (1991), Brassard and Ritter (1988, 1994), and others for detailed explanations and descriptions.