chapter  8
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Regression Analysis: The Foundation of Multivariate Analysis

This chapter introduces an advanced statistical technique to the quality professional. Specifically, the topic of regression and some of its derivative techniques are discussed. In addition, a short discussion is given on the issues and concerns of all statistical techniques. The intent of the discussion is awareness rather than competency in implementing the techniques themselves. Consequently, the reader is encouraged to pursue on their own the individual topics. For more details and understanding, see Duncan (1986); Judge et al. (1985); Studenmund and Casidy (1987); Wittink (1988); Gibbons (1985); Cohen and Cohen (1983); Box and Draper (1987); Hanson (1988); Makridakis, Wheelwright, and McGee (1983); Kreitzer (1990); Mirer (1988); Thomas (1990); Mullet (1988); and Pedhazur (1982).