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George E. Torrens & Anne Newman Hand Performance Research Group, Department o f Design and Technology,

Loughborough University o f Technology, Loughborough Leicestershire L E I 1 3TU, UK

This paper documents a pilot study undertaken to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of manually measuring the range of movement at the wrist using both a traditional goniometer and a motion capture technique (using a CODA system). Fifteen subjects, male and female 18-22 years old were measured using both techniques. The results indicate a variation of adduction and abduction values at the wrist, beyond that stated in existing references. The manual goniometric data collection was quicker than using the CODA system. A longer time period was spent in preparation and post processing of the results from the CODA system into a spreadsheet. However, the CODA system provided a more detailed description of the ROM of a wrist, highlighting the compound angle made by the wrist during the measurement of adduction and abduction which is not shown through manual goniometry.