chapter  18
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IEC 601-1

IEC 601-1 is an international electrical safety standard recognized in almost all developed countries as a complete set of regulations for the design of electrically safe medical equipment. The standard is published by the Genevabased International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC). It originated in Europe and was designed to serve as a uniform pan-European standard. Prior to its inception, different countries had different standards, which manufacturers were forced to comply with if they wanted to market their products there. This was very expensive for everyone. More recently, the IEC 601-1 standard has been adopted in most all developed countries, where it may appear under various designations, including UL 260 I, EN 6060 I, or their equivalent. All of these standards are based on the original, but some may incorporate national deviations for a specific country. For example, UL 2601 uses different leakage limits than the original IEC 60 1-1.