chapter  14
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Validation Criteria for Developing Electrochemical Sensors for Bioanalysis

The validation criteria for electrochemical sensors can be established only by taking into account their reliability and its effect on the reliability of the ana­ lytical information that it is obtained. To validate the method that is using electro­ chemical sensors it is necessary to take into account the quality, reliability, selec­ tivity, and sensitivity of the electrochemical sensor and also its suitability for the particular type of samples [1], Furthermore, the method must be tested by several laboratories to verify that it meets the criteria for validation that were previously established [2]. The utilization of standard solutions is a very important condition to accept the quality of the analytical information obtained and to validate the method. Only a statistical evaluation of data obtained from both methods (standard and proposed methods) can conclude if the qualities obtained for the analytical information are in agreement with each other, and if the method can be validated from this point of view [1].