chapter  6
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Applications of Electrochemical Sensors in the Analysis of Organic Substances

An acetate-selective, membrane electrode is proposed for the assay of ace­ tate [1]. The composition of the membrane is: 33% (w/w) PVC, 65% (w/w) 2nitrophenyl octyl ether, 1% (w/w) NN,N” N’” -(21H,23H-porphine-5,10-tetrayl tetra-o-phenylene)tetrakis-[N’-(4-fluorophenyl)urea] (as ligand) and 1% (w/w) tridodecylmethylammonium chloride. The inner solution of the electrode was 10 mmol/L sodium acetate/ lmmol/L NaCl in buffer (pH 7.0). Ag/AgCl was used as internal electrode.