chapter  10
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Isometric Immersions of Lobachevski Space into Euclidean Space

This chapter introduces some background information and provides an individual perspective on work developing from the theory of isometric immersions of the Lobachevski plane into Euclidean space. Section 10.1 gives an account of the author's visit to Nickolina Gora with Professor Efimov and Professor Pozniak and also gives some interesting insights into the work of Professor Efimov and Professor Pozniak and colleagues at Moscow State University. It introduces the conference on Non-Euclidean Geometry held in Kazan in 1976, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Lobachevski's discovery. Section 10.2 gives an account of the fire in Kazan in 1842. Lobachevski was a professor at the University of Kazan and this section describes his work, achievements and discoveries and the significance of his work in classical mathematics.