chapter  37
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The Second International Conference on Visual Search Workshop

Abstract This is a report on the Second International Conference workshop. About 20 people turned out, and for the second time we experienced problems with the quality of the recording of the workshop discussion. I am beginning to suspect that David Brogan deliberately adds noise to the recording to remind me that like many search tasks, my task is to differentiate the signal of each participant from noisy distractors. The problem is that sometimes the noisy distractors overwhelmed the signal. But, as my radiologist colleague is fond of saying, 'If you have lemons, make lemonade'. So I will use the low signal-to-noise ratio of the tape recording as an excuse for exercising wide latitude in interpreting the signals of the participants that did come through the noise. Unfortunately, also because of the poor recording quality, the identities of most of the participants will have to remain anonymous. This means that for the second time the Nobel committee will be unable to link the revolutionary ideas reported here with potential laureates. Given the seriousness of this omission to the record, perhaps the Organizing Committee will see fit to invest in a new recording system before TICVS.