chapter  15
Analysis of Fat-Soluble Vitamins in Food
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The fat-soluble vitamins include vitamin A and the

provitamin A carotenoids, vitamins D, E, and K. As

knowledge rapidly expanded over the past 30 years

about the roles of the fat-soluble vitamins in metabo-

lism and maintenance of health, increased emphasis

has been placed on the development of analytical

techniques to quantify accurately these vitamins in

food and other biological matrices. Method develop-

ment has been energized by great consumer interest in

diet, health relationships, the publication of the new

Dietary Reference Intakes (1-3), the need to improve

food composition databanks, technology of food

processing, greater industry use of nutrient fortifica-

tion, the rapid growth of the supplement and func-

tional food market, and the need for accurate

analytical methods for regulatory use. Advancement

in analysis of the fat-soluble vitamins has been rapid

and extensive. Further, the need for high sample

output and cost considerations has led to the develop-

ment of excellent multianalyte methods that do not

sacrifice accuracy and precision. Since each fat-soluble

vitamin requires specific detection parameters because

of highly individual chemical properties, simultaneous

detection requires multiple detectors in series often

including programmable features and a high quality,

sensitive photodiode array (PDA) detector (4). We will

provide an overview in this chapter of currently

accepted approaches to the analysis of fat-soluble

vitamins in food.