chapter  7
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Time-dependent mechanics of cement concrete composites

The time-dependent deformation of concrete, including shrinkage and creep, may cause cracks and has much to do with the durability performance of structural concrete. This chapter presents the multi-scale linkage of micro-pore-based thermodynamics with the macroscopic, time-dependent deformation of concrete. Thus, this chapter will offer a “bridge” between material science and structural mechanics. First, some experimental facts are demonstrated to explain how the micro-pore moisture may infl uence the macroscopic mechanics. Second, the multi-scale solidifi cation modeling of concrete creep and shrinkage is proposed, based on the thermodynamic states of micro-pore moisture with different scales. Lastly, the versatility of the multi-scale approach is shown with regard to the moisture interaction of porous aggregate and cement hydrate inside concrete composites in view of multi-scale modeling.