chapter  9
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Durability mechanics of damaged structural concrete

This chapter aims to numerically simulate corrosion-induced cracking, its propagation over sections of members and the penetration of corrosive gel product into crack gaps. A coupled steel core and surrounding corrosion product are mechanically represented by a fi ctitious growing composite, with which the corrosive cracking initiation and subsequent propagation are simulated by non-linear crack analysis. The injection of corrosive gels into evolving cracks is substantiated in cases where corrosive cracks stably propagate, such as large covers and/or comparatively small diameters of steel, and the coupled system of gel formation, migration and crack propagation is newly presented. The simulation scheme was verifi ed through reinforced concrete (RC) sections subjected to accelerated corrosion by electric current with regard to crack patterns and critical corrosion rates when cracks reach the outer surface of members.