chapter  3
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Frictional Properties of Textile Materials

I. Introduction 60

II. Concept and General Model 61 A. Normal force 65 B. Mechanical behavior of junctions 65 C. Number of asperities in contact 65 D. Other factors 65

III. Experimental Studies of the Effects of Structural, Morphological, and Environmental Factors 66 A. Methods 67 B. Results 69

IV. Frictional Behavior of Human Hair 75 A. Experimental details 76 B. Results 77

V. The Role of Friction in Surgical Sutures 82 A. Methods 82 B. Results 83

VI. Frictional Behavior of Fabrics 86 A. Characterization of behavior 87 B. Experimental 87 C. Results 88

VII. Concluding Remarks 90

References 91

I. INTRODUCTION Friction is an important property of textile materials that governs the quality and efficiency of processing and the performance of products. Although widely stud­ ied, it is still considered to be one of the most complex, least understood, and least controllable of the properties.