chapter  10
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Cholinesterase-Inhibiting Pesticides: Toxicity, Mechanisms, and Implications for Risk Assessment

Figure 10.1 Chemical structures of some commonly used OP pesticides.

Although the majority of OPs and CMs are primarily used as pesticides in agriculture, more than a dozen OPs (e.g., chlorfenvinphos, CPF, coumaphos, cythioate, diazinon, dichlorvos, ethion, famphur, fenthion, malathion, phosmet, pirimiphos-methyl, runnel, tetrachlorvinphos, and trichlorfon) and two CMs (carbaryl and propoxur) are used as ectoparasiticides in veterinary medicine. Some OPs are also used as anthelmintics, such as dichlorvos and trichlorfon in horses and haloxon, coumaphos, naphthalophos, and crufomate in cattle.