chapter  14
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Chapter 14Neuronal Regeneration

Teleost Œshes have the highest regenerative potential of any vertebrate taxon studied. The capacity for structural and functional recovery during adulthood has been demonstrated in anumber of speciesboth in the central nervous system (CNS) and in the periphery. In addition to extensive studies examining the regeneration of Œns (for review, see Akimenko et al. 2003) and cardiac muscle (for review, see Raya et al. 2004), most research has focused on the CNS, including brain, spinal cord, retina, and optic nerve (for reviews, see Anderson and Waxman 1985; Hitchcock and Raymond 1992; Zupanc 1999a, 2001, 2008a,b, 2009; Otteson and Hitchcock 2003; Zupanc and Zupanc 2006a; Chapouton et al. 2007; Kaslin et al. 2008; Zupanc 2011; Zupanc and Sîrbulescu 2011).