chapter  2
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◾ Your First Python Program

Learning goal: You can write programs that consist of input, output, and actions in between. 2.1 IN THIS CHAPTER YOU WILL LEARN

• How to compose a program of input, actions, and output

• How to repeat instructions

• How to write to the screen of your computer

• How to run a sliding window over a sequence

2.2.1 Problem Description

In this chapter, you will learn to analyze the protein sequence of insulin. Insulin was one of the rst proteins discovered. Frederick Banting and John Macleod received the Nobel Prize in 1923 for discovering its function. Ninety years later, human insulin is of paramount medical and economical importance, mainly for the 285 million people aected by diabetes. e functional form of the protein itself is 51 amino acids long aer proteolytic removal of two fragments from the translation product. e question this chapter deals with is, How often does each of the 20 amino acids occur in the protein sequence?