chapter  1
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The Joy of Paradoxes: A Random Walk

Quick Study Guide In this opening chapter, we will walk you “randomly” into the world of

paradoxes. We will present many interesting examples, including simple paradoxical quotes about life and provocative paradoxes from social networks, the judicial system, and games. The paradox of identity switching, paradox of leadership, paradox of the murderer, paradox of the court, and the omnipotence paradox, while amusing, are also stimulating and challenging. We will further provide you with many motivating applications of para-

doxes in accounting fraud detection, stock diversi…cation, social economics, prediction of disease outbreak, the application of pesticides, machine maintenance, electric bell making, and Internet package encryption. We will share with you dozens of fascinating mathematical paradoxes and

explore intriguing paradoxes involving probability and statistics. Most of them are counterintuitive examples that are commonly encountered in daily life.