chapter  11
34 Pages

Holographic Optical Elements and Instrument Applications

WithRaymond K. Kostuk

This chapter investigates some of the important design and performance characteristics of holographic optical elements and shows how they can be used in a variety of applications. It discusses methodology is presented that integrates the important factors that should be included in the design of a holographic lens. However, holographic lenses can be used with broadband reconstruction illumination for certain imaging and for non-imaging applications such as solar energy concentrators. A volume holographic element allows for large off normal, non-Bragg incident angle light to pass through the hologram and illuminate the photovoltaic cells. Reflection holographic filters can be formed with the grating vector either normal or slanted with respect to the film surface. Holographic aperture beam splitters are useful in digital holographic microscope systems. In Volume holographic imaging, the holographic optical element acts as a highly functionalized filter that incorporates the Bragg selectivity, multiplexing, and the spectral properties of volume holograms into the imaging process.