chapter  6
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Visual Basic for Applications and Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems consist of three major components: interface, database, and model base. The interface of a DSS provides means for a user to interact with the DSS. It should allow a user to dialogue with the computer conveniently. It also should provide various output formats including text, tabular, and graphics. The database subsystem provides the means for retrieval and processing of data. The model base subsystem manages the storage and retrieval of the models. It also aids users in model building. A great deal of research is being conducted in model management. At this time, there is no commonly accepted scheme of model management. Generally speaking, there are two major components in a model base, although the boundary between them is not clear cut. One is a set of models that are shared by all decision makers for a variety of decisions. Examples of these models are linear programming and regression for forecasting. Another is a set of problem solvers or decision paths. Each of these problem solvers is designed for a specifi c situation of decision.