chapter  12
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Multimode Studies and Nonabsorption Modalities

WithStuart R. Stock

Use of x-ray microCT and another x-ray or non-x-ray modality often provides a more complete picture than either method could have provided separately. The various multimode studies covered include microstructural characterization of sea urchin teeth (x-ray microbeam diffraction mapping and precision lattice parameter determination combined with microCT), sulfate attack of Portland cement paste (energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction mapping of reaction products along with microCT), and mechanical responses of specimens to load combining x-ray diffraction and microCT (crack opening and crystallographic texture, creep damage, strain mapping of load redistribution in cracked monofilament composites, internal stresses in bone). Networks analyzed with microCT and other methods are also covered. Examples of microCT reconstructions using scattered x-rays conclude the chapter.