chapter  13
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Section 13: Country requirements for importation

The following materials and tables are taken from an English translation of a manual issued by Japan Food Industry Center, under the authorization by Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries (MAFF). This introductory statement has been added by Dennis Strayer, a consultant in seed and specialty crops and by Norman Makino, director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development in Japan. Norman’s background in the grain trade was invaluable in the clarification of this manual. The inserts in this document in this font style have been added to the original English document as clarification. Some additional checkpoints were also inserted in the guideline tables (pages 5 and 6). The original Japanese items are shown with asterisks. The manual itself is not a “prescription.” The segregated handling with due care of a good manager at each stage of production, distribution and manufacturing of GM and non-GM crops and verification thereof by means of documentary evidence detailing how products have been handled at each stage. The Quality Labeling Standard is the prescription. MAFF has the authority to judge whether any particular IP handling was “with due care of a good manager” or not under the standard law. The manual is to indicate how MAFF will judge it.