chapter  1
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Section 1: Introduction: Background and project objectives

This handbook will develop identity-preserved guidelines, in the form of a reference or user’s manual that can be used by various parties in the industries as they enter into new identity-preserved enterprises. The program is flexible enough to allow the development of individual company programs within the overall framework of the broader program, yet demonstrate a unified effort. A system of identity-preserved verification, which will allow the U.S. seed, specialty crop, and grain and oilseed industries to easily provide products, which can be identified with traceability verifying identity, product quality, and special characteristics. The handbook is “user-friendly” for not only parties involved in IP trade but also people not directly involved in trade but who have concerns for product integrity as affected by identity preservation. The handbook describes an overall IP system, which may be utilized in ways that will meet the particular needs of parties involved in specific trade agreements. The system can be adapted to work with “in-house” documentation, third-party verification, or third-party system accreditation and auditing. The handbook discusses the background of IP systems originating in the seed industry, the basics of a total IP system, and the potential electronic transfer of data and documents.