chapter  II
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Beyond the Basics

WithAndrew Knight

This part introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters. The part provides an introductory course in matlab that covered the basics: matrices, typing shortcuts, basic graphics, basic algebra and data analysis, basics of m-files and data files, and a few simple applications, such as curve fitting, FFTs, and sound. Basic handle graphics were introduced using set and get. Structures are arrays whose names have dot-separated parts. They can be used to store information of different kinds together in a hierarchical structure. The function meshgrid can be used to create matrices representing evenly-spaced grids of points. The transpose operation makes no sense here because it is insufficiently specified. Multidimensional cell arrays are just like ordinary multidimensional arrays, except that the cells can contain not only numbers, but vectors, matrices, strings, structures, or other cell arrays.