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Carroll, Lewis And what is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations.

French, John There is a glut of chemical books, but a scarcity of chemical truths.

you, of ordinary Chymists, it has none of the bombastik Expressions nor ridiculous Pretences, none of the Melancholick dreams and wretched Enthusiasms, none of the palpable Falsities, and even Impossibilites, wherewith the common rate of Chymical Books has been stuff’d hitherto.

Smee, Alfred In former times, when the means of communicating knowledge were limited to the manual labour of writing every separate copy of a work, those who entered into such a difficult task were deservedly recognized as benefactors to mankind; but in these days, when the faculty of printing allows such unlimited multiplication of books, that useful knowledge is lost amongst the mass of volumes produced, an apology is required by every writer who adds to the difficulty of learning, by increasing the quantity of books from which knowledge is to be selected.