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Lemke, J. True Dialogue occurs when teachers ask questions to which they do not presume to already know the “correct answer.”

Pool, Ithiel de Sola Computing and communication are becoming one. . .

Priestley, Joseph When for the sake of a little more reputation, men can keep brooding over a new fact, in the discovery of which they might, possibly, have very little real merit, till they think they can astonish the world with a system as complete as it is new, and give mankind a high idea of their judgment and penetration; they are justly punished for their ingratitude to the fountain of all knowledge, and for their want of a genuine love of science and of mankind, in finding their boasted discoveries anticipated, and the field of honest fame pre-occupied, by men, who, from a natural ardour of mind engage in philosophical pursuits, with an ingenious simplicity immediately communicate to others whatever occurs to them in their inquiries.