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Matthews, Albert Adsorption. . . is a physico-chemical term meaning the concentration of substances at phase-boundaries in heterogeneous systems. Dressing can be called a process of adsorption. Every morning when we dress, clothing which has been distributed throughout our environment-dispersed in the surrounding phase-concentrates itself at the surface of our bodies. At night the process is reversed. We might go on to express these events by a curve or isotherm, showing how the quantity adsorbed is a function of the amount in the room, how it usually proceeds to an equilibrium, how it is greater at low than at high temperatures, that it is reversible and not accompanied by chemical change in the clothes, that it is specific in that certain clothes are adsorbed with greater avidity than others, that certain adsorbents (people) adsorb with greater avidity than others, or more so, and finally we could prove that the clothing moved into the surface film in virtue of the second law of thermodynamics and in consonance with the principle of Willard Gibbs.