chapter  5
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Characteristics of Chromosome in Different Plant Groups

WithArchana Sharma, Sumithra Sen

The plant kingdom represents a wide diversity of forms, ranging from unicellular alga to highly complex multicellular flowering plants. This diverse milieu of growth and development, the morphological complexity of the widely different plant groups with their diversity of life cycle and physiology, are also reflected to a great extent in the genomic characteristics of distinct plant groups. It is better to discuss the characteristics chronologically of the groups according to their taxonomic hierarchy. Leaving aside Cyanophyceae, with a primitive structure without any well-organized chromosome, but only the DNA molecule or genophore, there has been diversity from simple to complex structures. In Chlorophyceae, in general, the chromosome number is rather low as compared to other groups of algae. In the presence of a comparatively lower number of repeated sequences, the fungi are slightly more advanced than prokaryotes, but in the complexity of chromosome structure, they resemble the most complex eukaryotic system.