chapter  12
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From Upstream to Downstream: Ecological Zonation of Water Courses

WithEugene Angelier, James Munnick

Since the strategy of organisms living in running water is mostly an adjustment to morphodynamic factors and temperature, and not a regulation of populations by the flow of energy and available nutrients, no time successions are observed from pioneer ecosystems to climactic ecosystems. There are only longitudinal successions of pioneer species from upstream to downstream. These are based on the relative position of each species to all the others (Table 10). Average position, from upstream to downstream, of Coleoptera <italic>Hydraena</italic> and Elminthidae in the Garonne basin (C Berthelemy, 1966)

Hydraena emarginata

Esolus angustatus

Limnius perrisi

Riolus violaceus

Hydraena saga

Hydraena truncatula

Elmis aenea

Hydraena pygmaea

Hydraena minutissima

Limnius volkmari

Elmis coiffaiti

Limnius opacus

Dupophilus brevis

Esolus parallelepipedus

Elmis maugetii

Hydraena gracilis

Riolus cupreus

Oulimnius tuberculatus

Oulimnius troglodytes

Esolus pygmaeus

Limnius intermedius

Stenelmis caniculata