chapter  M1
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M1 The Age of Herbs, Potions and Magic

WithGraham Patrick

For centuries, various cultures around the world have used plants, bushes and trees as food sources, lethal poisons for hunting, and potions for the treatment of various human ailments. A variety of herbal recipes were developed by the early herbalists, and different parts of each plant were recognized as being more useful than others. The leaves of one plant might be used for one remedy while the roots of another plant might be used for a different remedy. In many ancient civilizations, the preparation and administration of ancient remedies was undertaken by witch doctors, medicine men and shamans. Although many ancient potions have no proven pharmacological effect, there are several important ancient remedies that do, and these have been the basis for many of today’s most important drugs. The medicine men would often include bizarre rituals, dances and ceremonies when administering their potions, thus introducing an element of magic or religion into the whole process.