chapter  2
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Manufacturing Attractive Products Logically by Using Human Design Technology: A Case of Japanese Methodology

The fundamental trend in product development has shifted from conventional development, which stresses hardware-related requirements, to one that is oriented to users’ requirements. The latter style of developing products is based on user needs. The background to the increasing prevalence of this style includes the fact that differences in technology have narrowed among manufacturers in the ™elds of household electrical products and electronic appliances, and social circumstances have made it more compelling to regard user requirements as important (e.g., ISO 13407). In addition, some harmful effects have been pointed out; because business has been subdivided at a primary stage in product development, the person in charge often puts forth his/her efforts only in his/her territory and fails to take an overall perspective. In order to cope with these circumstances, a new method of developing products has been devised, called human design technology (HDT).