chapter  7
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Win Your Team’s Support in Implementing Crowdsourced Testing

Even before we look at what their concerns are, let’s look at the definition of a stakeholder and see who all fits in this group. As mentioned at the start of this chapter, a stakeholder is someone who impacts or is impacted by a project’s tasks. He could include:21

1. Internal entities: a. Your core execution team-aka project team b. Your project sponsors, including your immediate manage-

ment and senior/executive management c. Other groups in your organization that are interested or

have a vested interest in your project 2. External entities: a. Shareholders b. End users c. Suppliers d. Community at large e. Government f. Social groups (nonprofit organizations)

Of this set, not all of them might be relevant stakeholders that you  need to care about in your current project. Identifying the set that you need to care about is important, and once that happens, you are not only going to work on winning their support for this project, but are mainly going to work on winning their trust for the concept of crowdsourced testing as a whole.