chapter  9
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Future of Crowdsourced Testing

The future of crowdsourcing is very promising, and its potential scope and reach are huge. However, to experience crowdsourcing and crowdsourced testing in one’s own area of operations, you need to start small and take the first step. The content we have discussed over the course of this book will help you confidently take that first step toward successful crowdsourced testing. While understanding that concept and implementation specifics forms one major piece of the pie, it is equally important to keep track of the trends in a given discipline to be able to build an edge and better prepare for the upcoming requirements. At the time of writing this book, crowdsourcing and crowdsourced testing are upcoming areas that the information technology field is largely leveraging, and these are themselves trends as of today that the industry is closely watching. Over the course of this chapter, we will look at the current market size of the crowdsourcing industry, backed with some numbers, along  with trends to watch for in crowdsourcing and crowdsourced testing.