chapter  5
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Sunprotection: Historical Perspective

The Sun and Humans in the Past 72

Experimental Evidence of Beneficial and Harmful Effects of

Solar Radiation 74

UV-B, the Bad Guy 75

Experimental Evidence for UV-A Induced Damages 76

Why Anti-UV-A Sunscreens? 76

Anti-UV-B and Anti-UV-A Sunscreens 77

Beyond SPF 78

The Future: New Strategies for Defense 79

The Future: New Aggressors? 80

References 80

Life expectancy in Europe and North America has increased by a factor of 3 in

the last three centuries. One of the paradoxical consequences of increasing life

span has been that chronic exposure to small, not immediately life-threatening

insults accumulates as physiological changes later in life, which are unpleasant

at best and life-threatening at worst. This is particularly true for the changes

provoked by solar radiation.