chapter  25
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Recreational Sunscreens

Introduction 525

Sunscreen History 526

Market Share and Trends 526

Formulations 527

Consumer Benefits and Performance Needs 527

Usage and Performance Needs During UV Exposure 528

Water/Sweat Resistance 529

Sunbathing/Suntanning Products 531 Fast Drying Sunscreen Gel 532

Additional Considerations 532

Patents 532

Photostability 533

Conclusions 533

References 533


What are recreational sunscreens and what sets them apart from other types of

products that attenuate UV rays? Is the term “recreational sunscreen” an oversim-

plification? After all, it includes many types of products whose performance and

benefits vary widely. Other terminology such as “beach products,” for example,

can be even more misleading as descriptors of products used under demanding

conditions and in a wide variety of situations. Often, sunscreen products that offer

the type of performance attributes and benefits of recreational sunscreens are

required as an important part of a daily photoprotection regime. This is especially

important for those who are frequently exposed to UV radiation, perhaps for long

periods because of their occupation (not recreation) outdoors.