chapter  33
24 Pages

Antiaging Actives in Sunscreens

Introduction 673

Strategies of Antiaging Actives in Sunscreens 677

Prevention of Damage (“Slowing Down the Aging Process”) 677

Vitamins 677

Botanicals 680

Enzymes 681

Miscellaneous 683

Treatment of UV-Induced Age Symptoms 684

Barrier Repair 685

Tissue Repair 686

Conclusions 689

References 689


The first and second editions of Sunscreens did not contain a chapter equivalent

to the present one. Including “antiaging actives” in the present book reflects some

of the changes occurring in cosmetic formulations and marketing strategies. As in

so many other domains, we see a blurring of frontiers, a mixing of categories, and

a (deliberate?) gradual disappearance of clear distinctions and definitions.