chapter  34
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The Manufacture of Suncare Products

Introduction 700

Product Types 700

Oil-in-Water Emulsions 700

Water-in-Oil Emulsions 703

Spray Emulsions 703

Heavy Creams 705

Hydroalcoholic Products 705

Scale Up 707

Mass 707

Mixing 707

Cooling 707

Production Methods 708

Raw Material Handling 709

Quality Control of Sunscreens 710

Stability Testing 712

Analysis by Nonscanning UV Analysis 713

Contract Manufacturing of Suncare Products 716

Conclusions 718

References 718


For the average private label, contract, or name brand manufacturer, suntan/ sunscreen products usually represent between 16% and 35% of their production.

With so much production devoted to this category, it is especially important to be

aware of any processing techniques that would enable one to bring the production

from the initial preweigh to filling as quickly and as efficiently as possible.