chapter  39
28 Pages

SPF Testing in Europe

Introduction 779

The International SPF Test Method 782

The UV Light Source 784

Volunteer Selection 790

Product Application Procedure 791

Use of Standard Products 792

UV Exposure Procedure 793

Minimum Erythemal Dose Definition and Determination 794

SPF Calculation and Statistical Acceptance/Rejection Criteria 795

Comparison of the International SPF Test

Method and the US FDA SPF Method 798

SPF Labeling Guidelines 798

Water Resistance Testing and UV-A Measurement 803

Acknowledgments 805

References 805


Sun products have been a way of life for many years with some leading brands

dating back as far as the 1940s, 1930s, or even the 1920s. However, products

from this era provided somewhat limited sunburn protection and were rarely

labeled with any reliable measure of their protective efficacy.