chapter  2
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Ear, Nose, and Throat

Patients presenting with symptoms related to the ears, nose, and throat are often in the beginning phase of chemical sensitivity or chronic degenerative disease. For example, an individual with symptoms of allergies or rhinitis is experiencing early periodic homeostatic dysfunction most likely from the environmentally triggered or genetic phenomenon. Additionally, the symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis may be one of the earlier symptoms of more advanced or even irreversible chronic degenerative disease if left untreated properly. With the onset of ENT symptoms, a patient treated chronically with medication in order to suppress symptoms is a formula leading to xed-named irreversible disease either locally or distally. These entities are not only found locally (e.g., recurrent sinus symptoms, transient hearing loss, vertigo, and recurring laryngitis) but also resulting distally in vasculitis or arteriosclerosis including myocardial infarction, strokes, phlebitis, and angioedema. Such long-term problems have been stroke, recurrent bronchial and lung infections, dermatitis, and recurrent GI and GU disorders. The causes of ENT symptoms should be sought, found, and neutralized or eliminated in order to maintain good short-and long-term health.