chapter  15
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Metal Oxide Nanhole Array

Since Bill Clinton, who was then the president of United States, announced the National Nanotechnology Initiative on January 21, 2000, the research of nanotechnology has spread quickly around the world. In the material science šeld, nanostructured material has also been paid much attention. Developments in the šeld of nanomaterials have produced very signišcant and interesting results in all the areas investigated. Many topics like nanotubes,1-5 porous materials,6-9 nanoparticles,10-14 and other nanostructured materials15-18 are focused. ™e synthesis of nanostructured materials can be separated by two approaches: one is the top-down approach from the macroscale to the nanoscale materials and the other is the bottomup approach from atom-or ion-scale to nanoscale materials. Since top-down approach has size limitation, the bottom-up approach, especially chemical approach, has been paid attention. In this chapter, we focus on the synthesis process of the metal oxide nanostructured materials by a kind of bottom-up approach, “solution processing.”