chapter  9
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Visualization and 3-D Methods

WithElizabeth Berry

Visualization is the display of image data. The display need not be a complicated presentation of data, and any image display can be described as a visualization, be it two or three dimensional. Parametric displays are another aid to the visualization of complex data sets. In a parametric display, further information is mapped onto a 2-D image or a 3-D surface, usually displaying the value of a parameter associated with that location. Virtual environments rely heavily on image registration methods as it is necessary to perform tracking and to register several different components to a common coordinate system. In the engineering technique of rapid prototyping, image data are used to build a physical model, instead of being visualized on the computer. A distinction was made between visualizations for which all the image data are available to be included in the rendering and those where a specific object has already been extracted from the data.