chapter  11
The Spectrum Descriptive Analysis Method
Pages 66

The name Spectrum covers a procedure designed by Civille and developed over the years

in collaboration with a number of companies that were looking for a way to obtain repro-

ducible and repeatable sensory descriptive analysis of their products (Mun


oz and Civille

1992, 1998). The philosophy of Spectrum is pragmatic: it provides the tools with which to

design a descriptive procedure for a given product category. The principal tools are the

reference lists contained in Appendix 11.1 through Appendix 11.3, together with

the scaling procedures and methods of panel training described in Chapter 5 and

Chapter 9. The aim is to choose the most practical system, given the product in question,

the overall sensory program, the specific project objective(s) in developing a panel, and the

desired level of statistical treatment of the data.