chapter  4
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Wastewater conveyance or piping systems resemble veins, arteries, and capillaries. According to Nayyar (2000), “They convey waste from residential and commercial buildings and other civic facilities to the treatment facility or the point of discharge.” Wastewater operators must be familiar with piping, piping systems, and the many components that make piping systems function. Operators are directly concerned with various forms of piping, tubing, hose, and the fittings that connect these components to create workable systems. This chapter covers important, practical information about the piping systems that are a vital part of plant operation and essential to the success of the total activity. To prevent major system trouble, skilled operators are called upon to perform the important function of preventive maintenance to

avoid major breakdowns, and they must be able to make needed repairs when breakdowns do occur. A comprehensive knowledge of piping systems and accoutrements is essential to maintaining plant operations.