Generic Repair Schemes
WithHeslehurst Rikard Benton
Pages 10

The basic repair schemes for composite structures can be simplified to four types. These include filling and sealing the damaged area as an environmental seal, and filling the damaged area and applying a doubler patch either as a bonded or riveted repair scheme. These also include bonding a flush patch to the damaged area as a scarf repair scheme, and bolting a patch to the damaged area as a doubler repair scheme. When the structural significance of the damage is negligible, then the main requirement is to develop a repair for environmental protection. Specific edge damage to the sides of a composite laminate is commonly seen as mild abrasion, low-level scratches and surface resin degradation. Minor fastener hole damage such as bearing surface abrasion can be repaired with a low viscous resin coating and then reamed. The bolted patch repair is restricted to thicker laminated sections that require ample structural integrity to be restored.