Repair Scheme Application
WithHeslehurst Rikard Benton
Pages 27

Composite repair scheme application requires a number of fundamental steps. A fundamental requirement when undertaking a heat-cured repair is the removal of entrapped water and absorbed moisture in the parent composite structure. The aim of the damage removal process is to remove only the damage materials but, at the same time, to create damaged removed shapes that are simple to repair and provide appropriate restoration of structural properties and performance. The removal of damage for a scarf repair scheme in composite structure is based on the scarf angle required. Moisture degradation of the joint can be evaluated by either reducing the effective overlap length or reducing the effective adhesive properties. The bonding mechanisms of interest to adhesively bonded repairs for composite materials are electrostatic, molecular, covalent and ionic bonding. A cover ply will provide an environmental seal at the repair patch edge and reduce repair patch edge interlaminar stresses.