Post-Repair Application Quality Assurance
WithHeslehurst Rikard Benton
Pages 16

This chapter provides the basic requirements of quality control and quality assurance for composite and bonded structure repair workshops. In any composite material and adhesively bonded structure repair workshop, one of the most important process requirements, and usually the one most often neglected, is Quality Control and Quality Assurance. The Material and Process Quality Control aspects for composite and bonded structure repair workshops deals principally with the actual materials used in the fabrication of the component repair scheme, and the process by which the repair fabrication takes place. Generally speaking, the role of quality control in a composite and bonded structure repair workshop is to ensure that the product meets the stated requirements of the customer and/or certifying authority. The cold storage of shelf-lifed materials, in particular the composite prepregs, film adhesives and one-part adhesives, is essential in order to maintain material property standards.