chapter  21
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Old and New Office Blood Pressure Measurement Approaches

WithMichael Bursztyn, Iddo Z. Ben-Dov

The International Database of Home blood pressure (BP) in relation to Cardiovascular Outcome was constructed using individual participants’ data of published population studies and evaluated the prognostic value of home BP measurement (HBPM). European and US guidelines strongly recommend HBPM for out-of-office BP (OBP) evaluation in almost all patients with elevated BP, with a similar role as ambulatory BP measurement (ABPM). Accurate reporting of all systolic/diastolic BP readings and heart rate must be ensured, as it has been shown that HBPM reported by patients frequently differs from the actually measured values. Because of its diagnostic accuracy and prognostic value, HBPM has a crucial role in the long-term management of hypertension. The conditions of HBPM should be similar to those recommended for OBP. Both HBPM and ABPM provide multiple measurements in the usual environment of each individual, allowing more accurate assessment of the BP profile compared to OBP.