chapter  Lecture I
The Notion of an Absolute
WithJ. N. Findlay
Pages 22

This chapter provides more definite content to the notion of an Absolute. Some modes of pursuing Absolutes are quite certainly deplorable and destructive: they obliterate all divergences and differences in a great flood which, whether it be one of light or darkness, matters little. Plato has in fact shown the one direction where an Absolute can, with some qualification and modification, be located, in the direction of certain characters or perfections themselves, being in ‘selfhood’ capable of being welded together into a single comprehensive ideal of perfection as is not possible in their instances. An Absolute is, further, the sort of entity which not only occupies a prime ontic category, but also occupies it necessarily and unconditionally: other prime-category entities could be dislodged from their ontic rank, and leave gaps in their places, but an Absolute is immune from such a possibility.